A technology enthusiast and a lifelong hobbyist programmer. My love for technology began when I was aged in the single digits, pulling apart my parents’ Apple II and figuring out how it worked. I cut my teeth in an era when it was as simple as breaking execution and listing Basic code to see how things worked. By getting in on the ground floors of the internet back in the mid-90s I was blown away by the wealth of information out there for the taking.

Open source software was a thing, even back then! Discovering DOS ports of GNU compilers and experimenting with Linux taught me more about computer architecture than my young mind really needed to know, but from experimentation became expertise… and I only broke the partition tables of our family PC once or twice! (Linux installations were a lot less forgiving back then and required more understanding than I had going in)

After giving up on formalizing my education in 2003, I took up a career in the service industry, managing a big box retail operation for fifteen years and truly gaining an appreciation for how people think and what they want. The love for technology never went away though, burning brightly in my personal life. Technology is thoroughly ingrained in the lives of almost every person in the modern world. People have never before been better poised with accessible skills and education to expand the horizons of what they want and what they can do and I am genuinely proud to be a part of it.